Teijin launches "cutting edge" Thai polyester filament facility - Just Style

2022-11-21 23:05:16 By : Mr. Wayne Wang

The Thailand division of chemical and fibre company Teijin Frontier Co has launched a cutting-edge automated facility for the highly efficient production of polyester filaments.

Teijin Polyester (Thailand) Limited said operations on the new facility began this month. The facility is equipped with multi-spindle spinning machines for polyester multifilament yarn and machines capable of adding functional agents. Polyester Yarn

Teijin launches "cutting edge" Thai polyester filament facility - Just Style

Teijin Frontier invested approximately JPY1bn (US$6.8m) to construct the facility, which is expected to produce 1,500 tons of polyester filaments annually by the fiscal year ending in March 2024.

The facility will enhance the added value of Teijin Polyester (Thailand) Limited including through extra-efficient spinning and an automated process for the uniform drying of multifilament. The company will effectively use the new facility to produce Teijin Frontier’s proprietary polyester filaments for apparel and interior applications, such as the Octa highly modified hollow-core fibre and a water-absorbing quick-drying yarn.

Teijin Frontier expects to expand the range and improve the functionality of its EcoPet recycled polyester fibres by integrating the new facility with a separate facility that started operating at Teijin Polyester (Thailand) Limited in January to convert used plastic bottle flakes sourced in the Thai market into recycled polyester chips.

The new facility accommodates various special polymers and recycled raw materials and additionally can add functional agents to raw yarn for the production of new types of functional polyester filaments.

Earlier this month, Teijin announced it was converting the in-house fossil fuel-based power generation facilities in use at its Matsuyama plant in Japan to a cogeneration system running on city gas with the aim of achieving net-zero emissions across its owned sites by 2050.

In April this year, Tejin also developed a proprietary system for calculating O2 emissions generated by the company’s polyester fibre production processes to use it for full lifecycle assessments of its products.

Moreover, the Group launched a chemical recycling technology for polyester fibres in May that also reused resources such as wastewater, waste liquid and depolymerisation catalysts.

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Teijin launches "cutting edge" Thai polyester filament facility - Just Style

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